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About Us - Dent Menderes Oral and Dental Health Clinic

About Us - Dent Menderes Oral and Dental Health Clinic


Dent Menderes Oral and Dental Health Clinic, Izmir Menderes, on-site dental caries, gum disease, teeth whitening, implant, prosthesis, smile design offers many services such as. Experienced and successful dentists from Dent Dentistry Oral and Dental Health Clinic continue to provide best service to patients in Izmir and Aegean Region as well as abroad.

We provide the highest quality service to our patients in a peaceful clinical setting with our physicians who have high level of education and knowledge. Our physicians have adopted continuous training and updating their knowledge, follow developments in dentistry and health and follow new technologies.

Our physicians serve in all branches of modern dentistry, especially aesthetic dentistry, implant, surgery, orthodontics and endodontics.

Apart from our physicians, our assistants provide regular, peaceful training to their patients with maximum clinical hygiene.

International Patient Guide

Frequently asked Questions

There are more than one reason for coloring. These are old age, teeth coloring substances (coffee, tea, cola, cigarettes, etc.) consumption, traumas, coatings, colorized old fillings. In addition, the mother's antibiotic (tetracycline) or excess fluoride consumption during childhood or pregnancy may also lead to coloration of the teeth.

Teeth whitening can be applied to almost everyone, but there are some cases where the treatment will not be effective. This will determine the oral control of your dentist. If you don't have any problems and you are satisfied with the structure outside of your teeth, tooth whitening can be an ideal treatment for you.

Yeah! Teeth whitening is a very effective and safe treatment as long as it is done under the control of dentist. Teeth and gums are not damaged during treatment.

The teeth will always be whiter than they used to be. However, individuals' habits and not showing the attention to oral care may cause the teeth to be re-colored. For this, reinforcement therapy may be required twice a year.