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An attractive face is characterized by well-defined angular features that frame and enhance the facial elements such as the nose, the mouth and the eyes. Bichat balls are anatomical fat structures found in the cheeks that may sometimes round up the facial features in excess.

Who Should Have Bichat Ball Removal or a Bichectomy

This form of cheek surgery is done for aesthetic reasons. By removing the fatty deposit at the base of the cheeks, the patient can achieve more defined cheek bones, giving an angular, classical appearance rather than round, fat cheeks. Cheek surgery also gives the impression of a long face rather than a round one. Patients who feel their faces are fat or undefined, enjoy a feeling of confidence and raised self-esteem, when they see the results of their bichectomy. 

What Happens During a Bichectomy?

A bichectomy is a simple procedure usually done under local anaesthetic but occasionally done under general anaesthetic. A small incision is made on the inside of the cheek in the same area as the molars. The bucal fat pad is located and carefully removed. The incision area is stitched with dissolvable stitches. The procedure usually only takes between thirty and forty-five minutes.

There may be some initial mild discomfort and a little swelling but this will disappear within a week or so, depending on the patient. Normal pain killers and anti-inflammatories are usually prescribed to deal with the discomfort. It is advised to rest on the day of the bichat ball removal, but the patient can resume his or her normal life on the day after the procedure as it is such a minor operation. 

Cares after treatment

  • Oral hygiene is very important
  • Food must be of a bland nature.
  • Patients can resume normal activity after 3 days.
  • All stitches are absorbable, no removal is necessary.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as this will interfere with the healing process
  • Optimum results will be apreciated after 1 month